Organic Mum2Be™

Suitable for pregnant and lactating mums

AwaRua™ Organic Mum2Be™ helps to support a nutritionally balanced diet for women who are pregnant, trying to conceive or are breast feeding. AwaRua™ Mum2Be™ is a unique formulation that provides essential nutrients to supplement the dietary needs of a Mum2Be™ when their energy and nutritional intake may not be adequate.

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 36g in 200mls = approx. 230mls of Prepared Formula
Servings Per Pack: Can make up to 23 serves per can
Recommended Daily Intake: 2 serves per day
* Percentage Recommended Daily Intake / Percentage Adequate Intake for pregnant women (NHMRC2006). ** Percentage Recommended Daily Intake / Percentage Adequate Intake for lactating women (NHMRC2006). *** Percentate Adequate Intake for total DHA, EPA and DPA for pregnant and lactating women (NHMRC2006).

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